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A reflective blog: an academic reflection in four paragraphs from Master of Project Management. The insight. Log in to leave feedback. New to university? Managing my time Studying efficiently Starting my first assignment. Mind mapping Note-taking Reading skills Exam preparation Critical thinking. Writing for coursework Literature review Critical reading Resources for research students.

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How to Write a Reflection Essay

Close search. Learning Lab. Search Learning Lab Search. Sample reflection. A reflective blog: an academic reflection in four paragraphs from Master of Project Management From an activity in this week's lecture I learned that the best place to start resource planning is with questioning to clarify the client needs and to enable the work breakdown structure WBS.

The guest lecturer in Project Management Techniques, Dr Strangelove, started her presentation by asking us to assemble as a group of five and then build a tower from straws. She said it would be judged in terms of strength, height, and how aesthetically pleasing it was. My group and I did the task cooperatively and we finished it in the prescribed time. We thought we had done very well. Then Dr Strangelove made her point: all groups built the tower without much attention to project management techniques in terms of asking clients for clarification for planning, resources allocation, etc.

None of us had asked a single question about the purpose, constraints, resources or stakeholder needs. I was amused and embarrassed but I learned a lesson about project management.

The insight Describe Understanding the importance of clarification is central to my understanding of project management. It underpins my use of PM tools and techniques. Asking clarifying questions about types of work resources people and equipment and material resources supplies, stock, and other consumable resources allows me to identify what resources are needed for project effectiveness.

When we want to designate who or what is accountable for accomplishing tasks in our project schedule I can use PM tools to assign tasks and responsibilities All this is possible only if requirements are clarified through questions.

Interpret A major benefit of understanding the critical role of questioning in project management is that it might give me more confidence about asking questions. It changes my view of questioning government authorities. In my job as a project manager in the reserve bank in Phnom Penh I traditionally would not feel able to question my superiors in these projects.A range of models that can be used to prompt and structure reflection on experience.

Using reflective models is one of the easiest ways to engage with the reflective process. The ones highlighted below will support you with structure, guidance and questions.

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Your use of these models might change depending of why you are doing reflection:. More information about the different places reflection may happen and how to produce reflections for assignments can be found on:.

The last thing to consider is that viewing the reflective process as a structured model is just one approach; you might prefer to reflect freely with no structure. In that case see:. Skip to main content. Search: Search. Reflection Toolkit. So what? Now what? Home Reflection Reflectors' Toolkit Reflecting on experience. Contact us.

Your use of these models might change depending of why you are doing reflection: Private reflections can take on any form and language you want. You can be as creative or structured as you want as long as you ensure you go through the reflective process of self-questioning.

Reflection for an assignment often requires a particular language and structure and should always follow the guidelines provided. You should never share something you are not comfortable with. One of the simplest frameworks of reflection - by moving through three reflective stages, you will think about an experience, its implications, and what that means for the future.

The integrated reflective cycle. The four F's of active reviewing.Kick start your calligraphy project with this color set from Dr. For example, if you roll a 1 on a d4, the die then becomes a d6. Make the most of your opportunities at QUT. Getting ready to wire up the theater for the Atmos before I drywall and had a couple questions.

Identify one example for improving course planning, motivating and promoting active engagement, and structure to enhance student learning. The Lion Clan were the Right Hand of the Emperor, recording the military and political interactions between the Clans. Full 16 x 8 Sheet. Air Force is working diligently to fully understand and provide adequate care for their members. Nurses' ethical problems and decision making. Try for free.

I almost missed this lesson! We failed to receive additional course announcements from the instructors for the remainder of the course.

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Despite being outgoing, I am also an introvert and I gain my personal energy from time spent alone, thinking about things. How can we use it in such a way that gives us real insight into our blind spots, instead of being a general process we already constantly go through? Snappy name. I like this. I like it a lot, because I need a life like criteria! The same is true for reflecting on my professional practice, starting with my upcoming 7 week practicum. What are the exact steps I should or could follow to gain useful insights into my work?

Happy reflecting! What modes of communication that represent learning can you see? It is language, gesture, moving around? This is particularly relevant to drama education, where we assess on performances. Respond What do you think is happening?

5R Framework

What is working well and what is not? What is it about the situation that makes you feel that way? Relate How do the insights I have about this situation relate to my experiences, both personally and professionally? How do they relate to my knowledge and skills? From a classroom management or co-operative learning perspective?

5r reflection example

Whether you need to up skill in terms of content knowledge? Reason How are your actions influencing teaching — learning effectiveness?

How do your actions relate to theory or research surrounding the issue? Are your strategies backed up by solid practice, or are you chopping and changing from different approaches? Would another point of view be helpful?

Reconstruct What have you learned from this observation, and how will it influence your practice? Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.Name Institution Affiliation Reflection on Nursing Using the 5Rs Framework Introduction For a nursing practice to be success, it is a brilliant idea to focus on both the healing and curing process and improvise ways of reflecting on the whole process to evaluate the success of the nursing process as a whole.

Therefore, this paper seeks to provide an outline of an analysis of the use of a 5Rs Framework in reflecting on a teaching and a learning process between a nurse and the patients on how to take care of their wounds after dressing and treatments.

There will be some literature and rationales that will be applied in support of the ideas used in reflecting on the whole process. Reflecting on the Healing and Curing Processes Reflecting on the learning process is an important component for a nurse who has the mandate of instructing the patients on how to take care of their wounds.

Reflection is the process of forming a thought or an idea that may be as a result of meditation. When considering the learning and teaching processes, nurses should examine their experiences to develop ideas specific to their objectives, like clinical education to patients Martschinke et al. Reflection, mainly the self-reflection component is linked to the transformational learning Ryan, As explained by ThomasMarch the most prominent social theorists have been emphasizing on the enduring necessity of domination within the contemporary society, and he maintains that Ryan theorist was right in maintaining that people are always self-reflective that can deepen their conceptualization of the things around.

Beamish et al. For example, when instructing patients on the best ways and methods of taking care of their wounds, a nurse enables the clients to have a different look at the problem they face and take good care of themselves. A 5Rs Framework Reflection on My Nursing Practice The application of the 5Rs Framework in the teaching and learning in the clinical education within hospitals is an important component.

Most of the nurses have been getting into the nursing profession experiencing some levels of difficulties on how to understand their patients and the roles that are expected of them Wall et al. Therefore, the use of a 5Rs reflective framework will help in solving some of the difficulties that are experienced by some new nurses and even assist in improving the quality of the service delivery for the real nurses.

The framework has assisted in strengthening the transfer of knowledge that helps in reinforcing the dominant relationships between health institutions and the communities within which they exist Singh et al. The application of an appropriate method such as the 5Rs in the learning and teaching programs within heath facilities help medics understand their assumptions through the use of a self-reflective and the self-criticism Ellis et al.

When it comes to teaching my patients how to use the 5Rs to reflect on their understandability of the instructions given in hospitals, it will be significant to enlighten them on the importance of the process.

After taking some years in the provision of some little structures for the nurses and patients reflection Motta, Boldrini and Cattaneo decided to improvise some questions that seek to foster the process of thinking and give appropriate feedback. Motta et al. On the other hand, Bader, reported that a small scale study that involved the early childhood education was successful due to the involvement of a variety of guided reflective methods that included the 5Rs Framework.

Therefore, skills of observation are things that can be taught and needs to be taught to improve the service delivery in the nursing profession by allowing them an opportunity improve on the previous mistakes and weaknesses. An excellent 5Rs reflection framework can hold great emancipatory potentials as most learning conducted by new nurses are always concerning the patients after and before the services delivery for them to check whether there is a noticeable variation in them Mainali et al.

The framework helps both the nurses and their patients review their conceptualization of the whole process of curing and healing and how best the wounds should be handled to initiate a quicker healing. Conceptualization is noticed when there is an opportunity to reflect on the past performances, and 5Rs framework gives the best chance for reflection. Giving descriptions of the recent happenings and commenting on the reactions and feelings witnessed together with the integration of the observations on the nature of the previous meeting give a good chance to rectify and improve on the weak areas and make the healing process a bit fast Wangerian,p.

Therefore, the 5Rs reflection gives the scaffolding for the thought for both the medics and the patients on the healing and curing process of a wound. Through an active and engagement on a thoughtful learning process between a client and a nurse, both the patient and the nurse are made to develop the capacity to reflect and critically question the assumptions used during the whole process. For my clients, the use of 5Rs Framework will facilitate their enlightenment and improve their understandability of the status and how to take good care of themselves to enable them heal and get back to their normal lives.

The 5Rs framework is accredited for it assist clients to go beyond the description and instructions they get from the health facilities and apply them in real life situation to better their status Bain et al. Bain et al. It helps a nurse understand the components of the reflection, and this enhances their understanding of their profession and improves on their service delivery to the patients. In adopting the structure, I will be combining the reporting and responding components to make the 5Rs become a 4Rs framework.

The four elements will help me connect my self-reflection of my nursing practice and healing processes of the clients.

It will also enhance my ideological critiques and challenge the status quo that comes with transformational learning. Strengths and Weaknesses of Evaluating a Nursing Session The use of the 5Rs framework in the healing and curing process may come with some strengths and weaknesses. Grossman was one of the scholars who identified some strengths of the reflective framework; as he argued that it is essential in ensuring that a nurse has got the qualities of giving the best service to the clients.

As a nurse works his way into differentiated types of clients from different backgrounds, he should be sure to consider his way into the whole process as well. Ovens and Tinning maintained that a nurse needs to be reflective in their practicing for them to build strong partnership with their clients. The use of the 5Rs reflective framework also provides a self-assessing opportunity to a nurse and even the patients, and this makes them check on the quality of their engagement in the healing and curing processes.

Therefore, an individual can apply the 5Rs framework to reflect on his service delivery and improve the specified areas Ryan, Ground Reflection Effects In most cases, the ground reflection factor is needed to provide a truly worst-case estimate of the compliance distance in the main beam of the antenna. Barnett M 1.

5r reflection example

Ethical problems in nursing are some of the most difficult to handle appropriately because of their naturally sensitive nature. Math is the study of abstractions. Transformations using matrices. Grab this Dr. The Astral could be reached from almost any point in a Prime Material plane or first layer of any Outer plane by spell, psionic ability, or device. Melanin is a yellowred or brown-black pigment that contributes to skin color and absorbs damaging ultraviolet UV light.

According to Maxwell, after every level there is always the possibility to grow to the level above it. OERs can be anything from open access free textbooks, to course readings, to educational videos, interactive websites or mainstream print articles. Create, save and upload your example file 8 Holiday Interactives Please complete any of these assignments if you were unable to do so due to the Network problems we were having. By bringing in these real world examples the students were able to see how Homer's epics still have some relevancy within the world they are living substandard 5b.

Rolfe et al model of reflection propose a framework that uses Borton's developmental model. See member reviews and photos. Annual report Annual report, compliance checklist, and schedules of consultancies and overseas travel. For example, a command 1C turns on all lamps of the first column. I struggled through English and hoped to get more out of English Author information: 1 Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. Reflective Fabric, Sew-on - regular, triple-trim, and FR-rated reflective fabrics for vests, coveralls, workshirts, and firecoats.

The 13C spectra were collected using scans, with a contact time of 2. They were the epitome of bushido and the very example of valor. Nicholas W. Engages in reflective practice praxis. Shop Target online and in-store for everything from groceries and essentials to clothing and electronics. Assume that sound is radiated uniformly as a spherical wave from the helicopter and that ground reflections are negligible How far must the helicopter fly in aground reflections are.

Although the structure and format of these models may vary, they share many common features. Self-talk is something you do naturally throughout your waking hours. Sample reflection. See more ideas about Ham radio, Radio, Amateur radio.

My research focuses on how open educational practices emerge in contexts where open. This workshop series is an example of this idea in practice. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Rolfefor example, argues that reflective practice has had a disappointing impact upon nurse education and practice, suggesting that it is the poor interpretation and implementation of reflective practice that has resulted in this lack of progress.

Here's an example of student vocabulary cards: Student Vocabulary Cards.

Reflecting on experience

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For example, if you roll a 1 on a d4, the die then becomes a d6.

5r reflection example

A reflection nebula is created when light from a star is scattered or reflected off a neighbouring dust cloud. Introduction to Plastic Pollution: In the last decade, plastic has affected the health and life of human beings very badly. Or you might need a bit more assistance at home with bathing, which a home care provider might be able to help.Thank you for taking time to submit feedback.

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